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Covering: Richmond, Twickenham, Teddington & Hampton Areas.

Twickenham, St Margarets, Strawberry Hill, Whitton, Isleworth, Brentford, Kew, Syon Park, Richmond, Petersham, Richmond Hill, Mortlake, Sheen, Barnes, Putney, Fulham, Chelsea, Fulwell, Teddington, Kingston, Hampton Hill, Hampton Wick & Hampton.

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Phone or Text David on 07751 738 843.

 Call David on 07751 738 843 to arrange a rising damp survey if you live in the 
Richmond, Twickenham, Teddington or Hampton areas

Thank you for visiting:

Thank you for visiting my web site, working as a general builder, plasterer and carpenter in the Twickenham, St Margarets, Teddington, Hampton and Richmond areas I provide a vast range of services for home owners and landlords.

With all projects works are carried out to a high standard, and your property is left: Clean and tidy.

Services Provided and Works Undertaken:

I have complied a brief lists of the works I undertake, if you can't find your job listed, don't worry. Please call David on
07751 738 843, or email david at the above address to discuss your requirements.

  • General Building Services:
  • General Building.
  • Genaral Maintenance.
  • Modernizations.
  • Alterations.
  • Refurbishments.
  • Refurbs.
  • General Maintenance.
  • Project Management.
  • Kitchen planning.
  • Alterations and Refurbishment.
  • Partition walls constructed.
  • Stud walls constructed.
  • Garden maintenance.
  • Pointing.

Building and Refurbishments:

The skills of a builder:

The skills of a proficient general builder, carpenter or handyman, encompass the utilization of three of the most basic rules of building.

  • Achieving correct and accurate levels.
  • Achieving correct and accurate angles.
  • Achieving correct and accurate measurements.

A builder or carpenter who can't measure accurately or use a level is pretty incompetent. Imagine employing a carpenter or builder to put up your shelving and it is tilting to one side, with gaps around the edges and the wrong width. Or a builder building a brick wall that is not level.

As a builder and carpenter I undertake a wide range of building works such as alterations, refurbishments and modernizations to building partition walls and new ceilings to removing walls and installing shelving and cabinets.

Building refurbishments in older properties:

I specialize in surveying and damp proofing Victorian and Edwardian properties; as a consequence I have in depth knowledge about the structure, brickwork, joists and plaster of older buildings. Please give me a call if you live in a Victorian or Edwardian property; and are, considering employing a builder or carpenter to undertake alterations and refurbishments.

There are also all those small building jobs that every home develops that people are usually reluctant to contact a builder or carpenter, that I am very happy to quote for, such as fixing the garden gate or the letter box that doesn't open properly, that outside light you have been pondering over, building a barbeque in the garden, putting up some shelving or building some cabinets to resolve your storage problems or build a base for your new shed.

  • Carpentry and Design Services:
  • Fitting stair gates.
  • Door and window locks.
  • Rotting windows repaired.
  • Rotting Doors repaired.
  • Sash Windows repaired.
  • Architraves & mouldings fitted.
  • Floor boards fitted.
  • Dado rails fitted.
  • Picture rails fitted.
  • Boxing in.
  • Window cills & frames repaired

Carpenter and Designer:

Carpentry and joinery in your home:

Building and designing with wood creates many things that require the skills of carpentry. Wood is everywhere in your home, doors, windows, frameworks, floors, stud walls, ceilings, roofs, your kitchen units, loft conversion, shelving, cabinets, wardrobes, sofas, tables, chairs, and we won't go into the garden, with the fencing, decking, greenhouse and the garden shed.

The jobs of a carpenter:

And that's not to mention, all the wotsits that need putting up and installing which involve the skills of a carpenter, boxing in, mirrors, curtain rails, blinds, pictures, flat pack furniture, staircases, banisters, posts and all the bits that go with a staircase , those cupboards under the stairs, child protection, stair gates, lath and plaster repairs, ceilings, coving, stud walls, dry lining, plaster boarding, window frames, cills, sash windows, doors, locks, handles, letter boxes, spy holes, electric & gas meter cupboards, skirting boards, dado rails, picture rails and architraves, the list will continue.

I think from the list you will be quite surprised at the amount of jobs that require the skills of a carpenter, and don't forget joinery workshops, where everything from staircases, to fitted wardrobes are made. A general builder with carpentry skills will be able to undertake a great deal of projects in your home. Don't hesitate to call concerning your carpentry requirements, from the fitting of locks, to planning that back door which is sticking, to the design and build of partition walls and ceilings.

 Carpentry skills required to build the joist work 
of a new ceiling in a cellar conversion.
 Carpentry skills required to build a framework 
for a wardrobe leading to a cellar conversion.
Design and Build:

Most refurbishments and alterations will involve carpentry and the use of a wooden framework, for new ceilings and walls. I always try to make the frameworks very strong by stitching the intersections of the frameworks with screws, as can be seen in the diagram to the left. The wooden framework of a ceiling of a cellar conversion.

To the right is the framework of a wardrobe. Note the hole at the bottom of the wardrobe, which will provide an entrance for the cellar.

Exterior carpentry repairs:

I have a great deal of experience removing and repairing the rotting timbers of sash windows and door frames, especially the cills. If you are considering painting exterior woodwork; such as doors and their frameworks, windows or fascias, it is quite likely that carpentry skills will be required to remove and repair any rotting timbers, and sandpaper the woodwork and paintwork, before preserving new timbers and re painting of the woodwork can commence. I especially enjoy repairing restoring and painting sash windows, I can also replace sash cords and repair loose putty.

  • General maintenance:
  • Flat pack furniture assembled.
  • Letter boxes installed.
  • Spy holes installed.
  • Cat flaps installed.
  • Locks installed.
  • Child protection.
  • Gates repaired.

Odd Jobs around the Home:

There are always a vast array of odd jobs that require attention around the home. My general building services are quite varied, so why not give me call to discuss how I may help you.

My advice to customers is why not make a wish list of the odd jobs you are contemplating. We can then liaise by phone - text on 07751 738 843, or by e mail.

I am available to view your proposed works at a time mutually convenient to our self's, but generally do estimates in the evenings or at weekends. With smaller general building and odd jobs, around the home, I can generally provide an estimate while at your premises and can confirm my prices by e mail within a few days.

Although my skills are varied, I do always like a challenge and I am competent undertaking most odd jobs around your home. My skills are working within, older Victorian and Edwardian properties and I specialize in the damp proofing of such properties along with associated ancillary plastering and decorating works. I am fully competent in services that require general building and carpentry. My plumbing and electrical skills are knowledgeable, but I do not touch gas or electrical appliances or undertake plumbing or electrical modernizations.

What is a General Builder?

I find that the term Handyman or General Builder covers such a broad range of odd jobs trades and services, that it is very difficult to categorize with a definitive description. However generally speaking it describes an individual skilled at a wide range of interior and exterior repairs, odd jobs, maintenance and instillation's. He should be a competent carpenter and genaral builder, and hopefully a plasterer.

Some may be more proficient with plumbing or electrical works, others like me will be more skilled with carpentry, building, plastering and refurbishments.

  • Plasterer & Damp Proofing Services:
  • Sand and cement rendering.
  • Skimming over plaster board.
  • Skimming over old plaster.
  • Lath and plaster damage.
  • Plaster boarding
  • Plastering Victorian properties
  • Plastering Edwardian properties
  • Repairing blistering and cracked plaster.
  • Walls and ceilings plastered.
  • Artex removal.
  • Plastering over Artex.
  • Damp proofing treatments.
  • Tanking and waterproofing.
  • Homebuyers & damp surveys
  • Black mould problems
  • Flood and water damage.
  • Cellar Conversions.
  • Basement Conversions.

Plasterer and Damp Proofer:

Plastering with a skim coat:

Decorators generally advise to pollyfilla and wallpaper damaged plaster, rather that simply apply a plaster skim coat, to provide a smooth surface for decoration, because they can't plaster. However I can plaster and have intensive knowledge of plastering in Victorian and Edwardian properties. The costs of the two are about the same ie, the cost of pollyfilla and wallpapering, compared to the cost of a plaster skim coat.

Damp Proofing:

stops moisture from the ground entering the walls or concrete floor of a building. Properties where damp course provisions are subjective, generally 2 bedroomed pre 1920 Victorian and Edwardian terraced properties; or where the existing damp course has been breeched, that have decorative spoiling or plaster damage may require a treatment.

 Damp issues causing blistering of plaster. 
Which will require the skills of a plasterer.
 After a damp proof course re plastering may be necessary.

Plastering after Damp Proofing:

Plastering after damp proofing works have been completed is obviously necessary if the plaster has blistered or comes away when the wallpaper is taken off. Or if there are salt deposits and or decorative spoiling.

Residual moisture and re plastering:

After a treatment has been undertaken, the moisture that caused your concern in the first place will still be in the brickwork and mortar beds of the wall and in the plaster. Having a treatment does not magically make this moisture; known as residual moisture, disappear. It only prevents further ingress of moisture from the ground.

Even if the plaster that may be unsightly is removed from the wall and a plasterer re plasters. The residual moisture will still be present in the mortar beds and brickwork of the wall. When re plastering works are undertaken following a treatment waterproofing agents, which resist moisture, salts and reduce evaporation but still allow the wall to breath (very important) are mixed with the plaster.

Time taken for the plaster to dry if re plastering works are undertaken:

If you employ a plasterer to undertake re plastering works after a treatment the wall will be dry enough to paint with a water based breathable matt emulsion after one to two months and fully dry after 6 months to a year, depending how much residual moisture is in the wall, temperature and ventilation.

Time taken for the plaster to dry if re plastering works are not undertaken:

If you decide to save money and not employ a plasterer to undertake re plastering works the wall may take up to 2 years to dry, depending upon the original dampness of the wall, ventilation, temperature and the use of de humidifiers.

Salt Deposits:

If there are white salt deposits on the wall a plasterer will generally be required to re plaster.

Visit my plastering section:

Please visit my section, for further information about my plastering services.

Visit my damp proofing section:

Please visit my section, for further information about my damp proofing services.

Further information about dampness in buildings:

I have written 3 articles about the cause of dampness in buildings.

The section, explains how moisture enters a building from the ground.

The section, explains how moisture enters a building from rainwater and building defects.

The section, explains how black mould can be associated with both condensation and rising damp.

If you are unsure about what is causing your damp issues please visit my which has a table which will help you evaluate the cause of your issues.

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