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Penetrating Damp

Penetrating Damp: Symptoms and Causes:

 Showing pathways of lateral penetrating damp

Penetrating Damp in Buildings.

There are two types of penetrating Damp:

A: Lateral Penetrating Damp.

Which occurs when the external ground level is above the internal level, raised driveways, patios, flower beds etc. Or where retaining walls are below ground level. Such as basements and cellars.

One could also associate flooding, leaking pipes or drainage defects with penetrating damp.

B: Vertical Penetrating Damp.

Caused by building defects such as a leaky roof, guttering or down pipes. An unused chimney being uncapped. Gaps around the frames; and the rotting timbers of, doors and windows, damaged pointing or faulty flashing.

Although it can sometimes be difficult to pin point the cause of Vertical penetration. (But you can use Google maps, street view.) It is generally easy to rectify. Obviously the damage caused by and the cost of repairs is dependant on the time left unattended and the severity of the defect causing the penetration. If your roof has a big hole and you leave it over a long period of time. You will be spending a lot of money. However in the majority of cases once the cause of penetration has been ascertained and rectified you simply leave the damp patch to dry, and apply an oil based undercoat if staining of the paintwork has occurred. Or wallpapering if the wallpaper is damaged.

But if you don't address the problem, like tooth decay it will only get worse and can cause:

  • Wet or dry rot in timbers, both of which require moisture.
  • Discoloration and damage to decorative finishes.
  • Plaster damage & masonry erosion.
  • Mould growth and living conditions that are unhealthy.

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